Low back pain advice

It is reported that spinal pain effects 85% of the population, with the low back the most common area affected.  Holidays such as Easter and the Christmas/New Year period often presents extra challenges for the low back, including interstate car travel, exposure to different beds and chairs when away, a ... Continue Reading »

Trochanteric bursitis of the hip

Historically referred to as trochanteric bursitis, this condition is characterised by pain over the outside of the hip, often extended down the outside of the leg as far as the knee.  Typical the condition is aggravated by activities such as walking, particularly stairs and hills, and discomfort lying ... Continue Reading »

Fish Oil – the facts

Choosing a fish oil for anti-inflammatory effect can be confusing given the array of products   IS KRILL OIL SUPERIOR TO FISH OIL? Claims that Krill Oil is more potent than Fish Oil with regard to Omega-3 fats are not supported by scientific evidence.  Studies that compared directly the efficacy of ... Continue Reading »