Arthritis Management

All our physiotherapists have the knowledge and techniques to be safe and effective when managing your problems when arthritis is a feature.

It is not true to say “It is arthritic, nothing can be done”.

We have all heard of the  “Use it or lose it” approach.  Although this is correct, you need to know how far to push yourself and how far to take which joints.

Another reason to choose us is because all our physiotherapists are Arthritis Smart.

This means they:

  • know and explain the difference between osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and inflammatory arthritis.

  • communicate and educate the elements of this difference by use of model, diagrams and explanation.

  • have a regional understanding of how osteoarthritis presents in particular joints.

  • understand the timing for and management of joint replacement surgery.

  • appreciate self management programs regarding pacing, choice of exercise, diet and conservative treatment choices for each area of joint involvement.

  • understand and can assist with weight loss strategies.

  • appreciate the safe and appropriate use of medication.

  • have a command of exercise options to best manage your arthritis.

  • maintain up to date resources of patient exercise groups, hydrotherapy pool locations and Tai Chi classes .

  • acknowledge and facilitate strong interdisciplinary care by ensuring timely and clear written and verbal communication with specialists, medical practicioners’ and other allied health professionals involved in your care.