All Stages of Life and Physiotherapy

CHILDHOOD AND ADOLESCENT SPORTING INJURIES: Overuse injuries to the immature and developing muscle and skeletal system require early advice and management.

Our physiotherapists can assist with preventative strategies, as well as decisions regarding the frequency and intensity of sporting involvement.

17-35 YEARS: although often too busy to consider time for treatment, these are the perfect decades to establish a trusted relationship with a physiotherapist for early identification of problems and strategies to keep active.

35-55 YEARS: the body changes of normal ageing can challenge the joints and spine that served us well up to now.

Identifying key areas of stiffness, patterns of weakness are likely to help keep you playing sport, gardening and enjoying life.

55-70 YEARS: assessment to manage joint problems likely to present in this age group and strategies for early advice are crucial to good health

OVER 75 YEARS: staying active is crucial to good health in older age.  Eastwood Physiotherapy has over thirty years of experience assisting older patients.  All our physiotherapists are focused on keeping you active and have a knowledge of the medical conditions, as well as the bone and muscle changes that can limit mobility and function

Eastwood physiotherapists understand how each decade of normal ageing brings structural, strength, balance and capacity changes that must be considered when planning how to keep you well and active.